What’s The Story Steve?

Whats-the-Story-Steve-poodle_142519Move Your Tale and ColdTowne Theater collaborate to present What’s the Story Steve?  A fully improvised, interactive journey through a story of the audience’s making, starring our own improvising poodle, Steve Scott.

These 50 minute live performances are a great way to spend Saturday morning with friends and family. Featuring Steve the improvising poodle, each show is a unique story inspired by audience suggestion.


Free Fun Austin // Improv Show For Austin Kids, What’s The Story Steve?

“The adult cast was hilarious and delightful with the kids. They did a great job of moving the show along, while including the kids and incorporating their ideas. My husband and I laughed the entire time and our kids were completely engaged and uninhibited up on stage.” – Addie Gross


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“For families who count dogs as their fave domestics, What’s the Story Steve? features a talented pooch who can improvise with the best of them. This Saturday morning performance is a popular destination for kids who love to hear a tall tale and for those who like to help create them.” – Stephanie Chastain

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